Apr 23rd 2014

Coal Fired Branding For SLYCE

Since the beginning of SLYCE’s journey toward becoming the #1 restaurant in Wauconda, IL , Rhino Design has been there with SLYCE corporate branding, web design, menu design and photo installations. Today, the coal fired pizza kitchen is Zagat Rated and is one of the top ten places to grab a pie in the entire Chicagoland area.

Our relationship with SLYCE is filled with trust and collaboration, and the mutual respect we have for each other allows the work to shine. From the start, it was obvious that SLYCE was more than a pizza place—it was a pizza experience. After creating corporate branding and print design worthy of their pies, Rhino jumped into daily marketing efforts. Since working hand ­in ­hand with SLYCE, we have a newfound respect for the restaurant industry and all the hard work it takes to make an endeavor a complete success.

For the SLYCE photo installation, our goal was to give customers a feel for the kitchen atmosphere upon entering. So we brought the kitchen to them, including the vibe, emotion and hustle & bustle every great kitchen is known for. The sneak peek from the photos allowed customers to trust the SLYCE kitchen before even taking a bite.

Without the passion and hard work of the SLYCE owners, chef and staff, none of this work this would have been possible. If you’re in Wauconda and your stomach is growling, you can’t do much better than SLYCE and its delicious coal fired pizza. And in those quiet moments when you’re doing more chewing than talking, be sure to check out the Rhino- made branding.